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Designed to fit your specific application.


Flatbed trucks are vital pieces of equipment in a number of industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture and transportation. A wide variety of uses make them highly versatile and extremely valuable on all job sites. Browse our line of flatbed products by CM Truck Beds® and find the one that best aligns with your specific application.


Our team of factory-trained sales professionals are here to help. We are focused on ensuring our products meet the demanding standards necessary to keep you safe, improve efficiency and last the life of your truck.


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t worry. In addition to the standard truck upfits, we can create a customized plan just for you and your vehicle.

We start with the basic components and construct the design. Then our skilled craftsmen expertly transform standard parts and equipment to meet your particular specifications and exact needs.

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Product Options

Steel Truck Beds

Tough enough for hauling the big loads, the popular RD truck bed model is an expertly designed, professional-grade workhorse. This steel flat deck body is sized to fit almost any truck, and has a wide selection of available options. 

Steel Skirted Truck Beds

The SK truck bed is loaded with top-notch features and hardware, like the integrated tubular headache rack, best-in-class B&W hitches and lockable, flush-integrated toolboxes.

Steel Mechanics Truck Beds

Designed to haul from bumper or gooseneck positions, the TMX truck bed is great for single-wheel chassis. It features an opossum belly, multiple work lights, a tall rear toolbox and a 48”-wide deck.

Steel Welder Truck Beds

Specially designed for a welder’s needs, the WD truck bed comes with a smooth deck and a recessed welding machine platform. No gooseneck hitch and no headache rack leave more room for your machine and supplies.

Steel Gin Pole Truck Beds

Unique and extremely versatile by design, the GP model truck bed thrives in the oilfield. Its sheer strength and durable gin pole lifting system make quick work of loading and unloading pipeline and equipment.

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