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technician installing crane on truck

Crane Installation and Repair

At Perfection Truck Parts & Equipment, we offer a variety of crane trucks and portable cranes to meet your needs.

Telescopic and knuckle-boom (articulating) cranes both have capabilities specifically suited for certain load types and industries. Our expert upfitting team will help you choose electric or hydraulic, and other crane components required for a safe and efficient operation.

We’ll also help you choose a crane that fits your specific application. While lifting capability is very important in choosing a crane, it’s equally important to mount it on the right truck or trailer. For this, we use computer software that analyzes the entire package. We match the crane-chassis combination with your application requirements to help ensure your employees are safe, while still being able to work efficiently.

Completed cranes must pass a stability test and require annual inspection and maintenance. We offer a preventive maintenance plan to routinely inspect and replace wearable parts. This convenient program helps avoid accidents and safety issues that could harm equipment and endanger employees.