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Custom Truck and Car Decals in Oklahoma City

For decades, we have provided vehicle customization solutions for work vehicles and equipment. Now with our custom decals Oklahoma businesses, utilities and first responders can improve the look of their vehicles and promote their company at the same time. This increase in visibility of their business and services will stimulate more sales and improve brand awareness.

What makes our vehicle decals, Oklahoma City’s ideal choice:

  • One-stop shop for vehicle customization needs
  • Talented graphic design team working on your project
  • Produce decals on site to ensure quality control
  • Precise fit and installation on your vehicle or storefront

Benefits of installing brand specific decals:

By adding custom decals, Oklahoma businesses turn their vehicles mobile billboards. This generates awareness by making every drive to work, the job site, grocery, or even little league game an advertising opportunity.

  • Reaches more customers at lower Cost Per Thousand than other outdoor media
  • One vehicle can generate 30,000-70,000 impressions daily in a metro area like Oklahoma City
  • Traffic jams become a marketing opportunity (the audience can’t change the channel)
  • Adds professional appearance

What you can expect from Perfection:


You will have your decals customized to your liking by our Oklahoma based graphic designers. They will adjust your current logo or work with you to create a new logo.


All of our vehicle and trailer decals are printed on site. This helps us maintain quality control.


Our professional installation team regularly works on vehicles in many sizes and types from our Oklahoma City facility. This means your custom decal will be installed with a precise fit and long-lasting quality.

Increase visibility and sales for your business or organization. Choose Perfection Graphics for your custom decals. Get the design, production and installation process started by calling:

(405) 947-6603.